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AA2: Vs Npcs Button by kittyshadow AA2: Vs Npcs Button :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 4 0 WT: pokedex meme 696 Tyrunt by kittyshadow WT: pokedex meme 696 Tyrunt :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 1 0 WT: pokedex meme 314 Illumise by kittyshadow WT: pokedex meme 314 Illumise :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 0 0 WT: pokedex meme 282 MegaGardevoir by kittyshadow WT: pokedex meme 282 MegaGardevoir :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 1 0 AA2: Villanos 3 mitten Natch en museo by kittyshadow AA2: Villanos 3 mitten Natch en museo :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 3 0 YCH comission Kemi button by kittyshadow YCH comission Kemi button :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 6 0 YCH Mini Glass Button by kittyshadow YCH Mini Glass Button :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 5 0 WT: Vitral mini by kittyshadow WT: Vitral mini :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 3 0 WT: pokedex 730 Primarina by kittyshadow WT: pokedex 730 Primarina :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 3 0 WT: Intercambio Con Ellie by kittyshadow WT: Intercambio Con Ellie :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 1 0 AA2: Un burrito va al gym fuego by kittyshadow AA2: Un burrito va al gym fuego :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 7 6 WT: capturando un Wonejo by kittyshadow WT: capturando un Wonejo :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 1 0 WT: pokedex meme 333 Swablu by kittyshadow WT: pokedex meme 333 Swablu :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 4 0 WT: cosplay MKR Umi school by kittyshadow WT: cosplay MKR Umi school :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 0 0 WT: cosplay MKR Hikaru school by kittyshadow WT: cosplay MKR Hikaru school :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 0 0 WT: cosplay MKR Fuu school by kittyshadow WT: cosplay MKR Fuu school :iconkittyshadow:kittyshadow 1 0


[AA2] Biel VS Npc by Koyukistyle [AA2] Biel VS Npc :iconkoyukistyle:Koyukistyle 31 17 Commission 30 by Kikaigaku Commission 30 :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 225 12 Sketchs de Junio by llBloodyPawsll Sketchs de Junio :iconllbloodypawsll:llBloodyPawsll 10 2 PWT - Break Out by Fercha37 PWT - Break Out :iconfercha37:Fercha37 12 1 Background Tutorial by kokamo77 Background Tutorial :iconkokamo77:kokamo77 3,039 285
EDIT3: THIS POST IS NOW OUTDATED ♥ I will no longer answer questions on this post.
EDIT2: GUUUUYS, PLEEEEEEEASE read through the other comments. I´m 99% sure that your question has been asked AND ANSWERED before. :iconsobbplz: EDIT: Not EVERYONE has been given this future yet it seems.
It can take up to 14 days for your money to end up in paypal.
I don´t know if many people know about this or even how to do it..~♥
How to take point commissions and still earn REAL FRESH MONEY! :iconkissinguplz:
What you need:
Be a Premium Member BETA TESTER
Have a Paypal
That easy!  :iconba-kyunplz:
However if you are going to do this dA takes a part of the money you earn. Around 20 Points on Every 80 points [I think]
Which makes you earn only 60 points even if you sell for 80.
That´s why I suggest you think that 1 Dollar = 100 points
Instead of 80, that way you won´t lose anything on it. *w* ~
:iconyamio:Yamio 2,854 1,071
[PKMN-WT] - Eggy Shower by MIZZI-LLOYD [PKMN-WT] - Eggy Shower :iconmizzi-lloyd:MIZZI-LLOYD 5 0 WT || Collab de Pascua || Los tomodachos (? by llBloodyPawsll WT || Collab de Pascua || Los tomodachos (? :iconllbloodypawsll:llBloodyPawsll 11 0 Falling star by mudkip-chan Falling star :iconmudkip-chan:mudkip-chan 54 3 Falling Petals by ScrapBee Falling Petals :iconscrapbee:ScrapBee 334 31 Encuentro Fantasmal -capturas- by YanK-Q Encuentro Fantasmal -capturas- :iconyank-q:YanK-Q 2 0 [AA2] - Evento villanos 2 - La gala by DeniMusic [AA2] - Evento villanos 2 - La gala :icondenimusic:DeniMusic 4 0 [AA2] - Evento san valentin - Airlia/Conchita by DeniMusic [AA2] - Evento san valentin - Airlia/Conchita :icondenimusic:DeniMusic 4 0 [PU]Unicorn Wedding [Genji-Acacia] by InkuInu [PU]Unicorn Wedding [Genji-Acacia] :iconinkuinu:InkuInu 4 1 Ficha LiveWithMyMonster Extraespecie by celcia1 Ficha LiveWithMyMonster Extraespecie :iconcelcia1:celcia1 2 0 Ficha LiveWithMyMonster Voluntarios by celcia1 Ficha LiveWithMyMonster Voluntarios :iconcelcia1:celcia1 3 1


I Love Anime and Manga!!!
Especially Pokemon, Sailor Moon, DBZ, anything from CLAMP.
Types: Magical girl, Gore, Shonen, Shoujo
Music: anything except= reggeaton, banda


AA2: Vs Npcs Button

\owo/ pa tener todos los datos de una vez, asi tambien veo en que level esta en cada parte de los eventos que han habido y acomodar cronologicamente las cosas!

Ruta 7 --> 23
:bulletred: Aolani Torracat 7 = level 50
:bulletblue: Nohokai lapras 7 = level 50 --> aprende Hidrobomba/hydropump y Freeze-dry/Liofilizacion
:bulletpurple: Halia Doublade 7 = Level 50
:bulletgreen: Yhi Shiinotic 2 = level 45 --> Aprende Fuerza Lunar/moon blast

Volcan -->24
:bulletred: Kona Oricorio 4 = level 50
:bulletpink: Kaimi Altaria 7= level 50
:bulletblue: Malia Dragonair 7 = level 50
:bulletblack: Auraka Absol 6 = level 49 --> aprende Golpe bajo/sucker punch

Ciudad waffle--> 24
:bulletgreen: Yhi shiinotic 5 = level 50
:bulletblack: Auraka Absol 1 = level 50
:bulletred: Wala Salazzle 7 = level 50
:bulletyellow: Karora Dewpider 7 = level 50  --> Aprende Hidroariete - Evoluciona a Aquaradnid
:bulletpurple: Konani Gourgeist 4 = level 19

Ruta 8--> 28 niveles
:bulletpurple: Porygon 7 = level 50
:bulletblue: Leilani Lopunny sideral 21 = level 27

Cueva helada--> 23 niveles
:bulletblue: Leilani lopunny 12 = level 39
:bulletpurple: Konani gourgeist 11 = Level 29

Ciudad Mareli--> 35 niveles
quinto gym hasta level 50 max
~despues de ganar el 5 gym~

:bulletred: Aolani Torracat 8 =level 58 --> aprende envite igneo/Flare Blitz y Enfado/Outrage
:bulletpurple: Halia Doublade 8 = level 58 --> aprende Espada Santa/sacred sword
:bulletblue: Nohokai Lapras 8 = Level 58
:bulletred: Kona Oricorio 8 = level 58
:bulletgreen: Yhi Shiinotic 3 = 58

Carril bici--> 27 niveles
:bulletblue: Malia Dragonair 8 = level 58
:bulletpink: Kaimi ALtaria 8 = level 58
:bulletblack: Wala Salazzle 8 = level 58
:bulletpurple: Kona Gourgeist 3 = level 32

ciudad tempo--> 34 niveles
sexto gym hasta el level 58 max
~despues de ganar gym~

:bulletpurple: Halia Doublade 6 = level 64
:bulletblue: Nohokai Lapras 6 = Level 64
:bulletred: Aolani Torracat 6 = Level 64 --> Evolucion uwu7
:bulletpink: Kaimi Altaria 6 = level 64
:bulletred: Kona Oricorio 6 = level 64
:bulletpurple: Kona Gourgeist 4 = level 36

Ruta 9--> 19 niveles
:bulletblack: Auraka Absol 14 = level 64
:bulletgreen: Yhi Shiinotic 5 = level 63

Ruta 10--> 20 niveles
:bulletyellow: Karora Aquaradnid 14 = level 64
:bulletpink:Malia Dragonair 6 = level 64 --> Aprende Danza Dragon(draogn dance) Evolucion a Dragonite

Pueblo Bursten --> 36 niveles
septimo gym hasta el level 64 max
~despues del gym~

:bulletpurple: porygon 14 = Level 64
:bulletorange: Bane Mudbray 14 = level 64
:bulletpurple: Kona gourgeist 8 = level 44
Hello there, usually i dont do this kind of things but its been a bad year economically speaking; im a Veterinarian in México owo/. Last monday 4 of June 2018, a person came leaving a  doberman with some bad injuries; the person abandoned it here and we (the vet hospital staff, we are only 2 persons btw) cant afford to take care of the dog. We already have 7 dogs, 1 turtle and a Lizard to take care of; so i decided to give a shoot into small comissions Just until we find a good home for the Doberman and finish its treatment.

Below its the photo of the doberman, we havent put it a name yet but its a female of maybe 3-4 years old, its really lovely. *warning: some people doesnt like to see injuries so click at your own risk*

ill keep updating who is she doing, for now the priority its ti get her healed.
:new: UPDATE :new:

Is has been a week and some days and the doberman is better, we have found her a house but its not going anywhere until its all good to gohere you can see how shes doing!--> Dobermansemana2
her face wounds are getting better and the fungus has died!

The commisions are only 5$ Paypal like this button:
WT: Vitral mini by kittyshadow

Plz note me if you are interested in one \owo/


Oli, usualmente no hago estas cosas pero como no ha sido un buen año economicamente pos voy a intentarlo. Para los q no saben trabajo de Veterinaria en una clinica con una amiga; el lunes pasado (4/6/2018) Una persona vino con una doberman q rescato de la calle pero nos la abandono aqui en el local. No podemos mantenerla como mascota ademas de su tratamiento médico es un poquito costoso, ya que tiene heridas en cara y patas ademas de un hongo en ciertas zonas. Hasta que le encontremos una casa fija tendremos q ocuparnos de ella, pero ya tenemos 7 perros, 1 tortuga y 1 lagarto a los q mantener; asi q vamoh a intentar por aca.

Esta es la perrita, aun no le ponemos nombre: *warning:  algunas personas no les agrada ver heridas asi q denle click bajo su propio riesgo*

ire poniendo como va su tratamiento a la semana. 
:new: UPdate.. :new:
Dobermansemana2 <-- aqui esta la foto, las heridas de su rostro ya estan mejorando, el hongo esta morido(?). Le hemos conseguido una casa pero on se ira hasta q este 100% bien. 

Una mini comission tipo boton vitral como la imagen de abajo:
WT: Vitral mini by kittyshadow
con costo de 5$ dolares o si son de méxico pago en Oxxo de 90$. si a alguien le interesa mandeme una nota o si e pueden hacer promo se los agradezco

Grupo basado en pokemon, pero con el twist de que los protas son los villanos divididos en cada equipo conocido hasta la gen 7.

Escoge a tu favorito!!

Tambien hay pokemones especiales del grupo:

Pokefusion #1 by llBloodyPawsll [PKMN-WT] Petilil y Lilligant [Forma Primavera] by xXKuro-KitsuneXx

Con la opcion de que con un item puedas diseñar a tu propio pokemon especial When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

Habra evento proximamente! asi q unanse antes de q se pierdan los premios!(?)
-deja galletita-



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